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“ECDL –digital literacy caravan” started in Žabljak

“ECDL –digital literacy caravan” started today, on July 10, in Žabljak.

“ECDL –digital literacy caravan” started today, on July 10, in Žabljak.

At the terrace of the Hotel “Žabljak” the stands were set, where all interested citizens were able to come and test their IT knowledge, with the help of ECDL team, as well as to apply for discounts on online training and certification through the e-government portal.

The project is implemented with the aim to raise awareness on importance of digital literacy and digital culture in local government, local public institutions and local business, and promotion of services provided by e-government as well as ECDL as digital literacy standard.

ECDL caravan in Žabljak was organized by the Ministry for Information Society and Telecommunications and Regional ECDL Office, together with the companies Čikom, Digit Montenegro, Elipsa and Neodata. The project is also supported by Hotel “Žabljak” and company m:tel.

“ECDL – digital literacy caravan” moves from Žabljak to the following destinations – Pljevlja, Kotor, Kolašin, Andrijevica, Bar, Tivat, Plužine, Rožaje, Mojkovac, Budva, Podgorica.